Core Values

Anderson & Kreiger’s core values unify our firm with a shared sense of purpose and guide our decision-making so we remain true to the unique character of our firm.

Excellence: We know our clients and colleagues expect our best. We apply our expertise, hard work, and creativity to consistently deliver the right results, with integrity and efficiency, and without shortcuts.  Excellence is non-negotiable.

Continuity: We are conscious and proud of who we are, and we are committed to maintaining our culture and reputation while evolving to meet the changing environment. We take the long view to build resiliency and provide predictability for our clients and our colleagues.

Civic-Mindedness: We have a responsibility to the public. We consider the broader impact of our work on the communities where we practice and where our clients operate. Our responsibility is essential to our practice, whether we are representing public entities, performing public service, or advising private clients with public-facing projects.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: We see diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging not just as platitudes or numbers but as a deep commitment within the firm and the community to create the necessary changes for all people to thrive.

Sustained Relationships: We care about and respect our clients and colleagues as people. We strive to develop and maintain meaningful connections. Those connections generate trust. Trust facilitates partnership and delivers better outcomes.