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Anderson & Kreiger Welcomes Its Largest Ever Class of Summer Associates

by Anderson & Kreiger
June 14, 2020

Anderson & Kreiger is proud to announce our 2020 class of summer associates. Amber Aspinall, Kristen Gagalis, Martell Johnson, and Abbey Doyno will be joining the firm on June 15th.  Because our employees continue to work from home, this year’s program will be held virtually. The firm has worked hard to develop a robust program that will give our class of summer associates exposure to each of our practice areas with meaningful professional development opportunities.


Amber Aspinall, a Harvard Law School 1L, is a member of the Harvard Defenders, Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Journal, and the Black Law Students Association.  During her undergraduate career, Amber interned with the Zambia Law Development Commission, the Urban Justice Center, and Center for Employment Opportunities. Amber is also a private cook-caterer and avid home brewer.

Kristen Gagalis, a University of Chicago 2L, is a Rubenstein Scholar. Prior to joining Anderson & Kreiger, she worked at BPI, a law and public policy organization in Chicago, where she researched government ethics, campaign finance reform, and first amendment rights for incarcerated people.  Before law school, Kristen spent 6 years teaching in Miami and Houston, developing strong communication and planning skills. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dog Riggins and playing on any sports team that will have her. Kristen is also a

voracious reader.

Martell Johnson, a University of Kentucky Law School 2L, is an Academic Merit Scholar and a staff editor of the Kentucky Law Journal.  Prior to joining Anderson & Kreiger, he worked as a judicial law clerk for Honorable Chief Justice Denise Clayton of the Kentucky Court of Appeals.  As a law clerk, he conducted legal research and drafted opinions.  In addition to his work as a law clerk, Martell worked as a graduate research assistant on two important projects.  He worked as the principal investigator on a six-state land study, where he conducted interviews with property valuation administrators and collected tax parcel information with a focus on mineral data to track where the money in coal-dependent counties travels once it leaves poverty-stricken communities.  Martell has also conducted research to identify value-based supply chains to facilitate the creation of a national database to identify prominent community-supported agricultural organizations.  Martell enjoys basketball, sci-fi novels, and cooking.

Abbey Doyno, a Northeastern University School of Law 2L, is the Sustainability Chair of the Environmental Law Society.  Prior to joining Anderson & Kreiger, Abbey was a Fulbright Research Scholar designing and directing a study to test the practicalities of using inland aquaculture to increase protein consumption in Morocco.  In addition to her work in Morocco, Abbey researched and wrote an Amicus Brief for the Supreme Court of Panama regarding indigenous land rights while working as a legal intern for Oxfam America.  In her free time, Abbey enjoys running and gardening.

Anderson & Kreiger is delighted to have Amber, Kristen, Martell, and Abbey as part of the team this summer.