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Steven Schreckinger and Sara Perkins Jones Recovered $2.3 million in additional Defense and Indemnity costs Wrongful Media Acts Insurer

by Anderson & Kreiger
November 22, 2019

In November, on behalf of a publicly traded media company, Steven Schreckinger and Sara Perkins Jones recovered $2.3 million in additional defense and indemnity costs from its Wrongful Media Acts Insurer after the insurer refused to pay more than approximately 50% of defense costs and none of the settlement with the underlying plaintiff (valued at $1.3 million). The underlying claim involved breach of contract claim, violations of the Copyright Act and violations of Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUPTA). The insurer had argued that it never consented to the rates or staffing of the counsel hired by the insured (a large New York firm) and experts did not follow the insurer’s defense guidelines.