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Time to Make the Donuts? Appeals Court Rules Hopkinton Dunkin’ Donuts Could Be a Retail Store

by David B. Lyons

image credit: Amy Fast-food coffee shops may look virtually the same from town to town, but as a recent Appeals Court decision reminds planners and local land use boards, what a town’s zoning by-law says—and local officials’ reasonable interpretations of that by-law—can dictate how they are characterized… READ MORE

Supreme Court on Regulatory Takings: Look to Reasonable Expectations

by Paul Kominers, Arthur P. Kreiger

Late last week, the Supreme Court decided an important case in regulatory takings law, Murr v. Wisconsin.  Murr sets out a new test for defining the private property at issue in regulatory takings cases. Image Credit: St.CroixNationalScenicRiverwayNPS Regulatory takings and the denominator problem.  A regulatory taking may occur… READ MORE