Our clients seek our broad expertise on some of the largest, most complex projects and high-profile properties in the New England area. We represent clients on a diverse range of projects in the energy, transportation, higher education, retail, office, biotech, and mixed-use industries.  A&K’s experience in the public sector helps us provide vital assistance to municipalities on major building and infrastructure initiatives and private clients when interacting with the public sector on development projects.  From initial planning and procurement, to mid-stream dispute resolution, to project closeout, we provide the full suite of legal services needed to ensure our clients’ projects are completed successfully and efficiently.

Front End Procurement & Risk Management

We advise owner and developer clients’ on appropriate project delivery methods, bidding issues and other front-end documents.  We draw on our multi-industry knowledge and experience to minimize risk and identify and avoid potential pitfalls from the beginning.

Permitting & Land Use

We help our clients develop permitting strategies that align with their deals, and we navigate the intricate permitting, zoning, land use, and environmental due diligence processes that may accompany their construction projects.  We provide our clients with practical advice drawn from our deep experience in municipal, real estate, and environmental law.  This includes representing clients before administrative agencies on the full spectrum of regulatory and permitting matters such as Article 80 for Boston projects, all local building requirements, and other specialized state or federal permits such as Chapter 91, MEPA, and NEPA requirements. As the regulatory climate changes, so do we – we make sure clients are compliant with all sustainability-related requirements.

Litigation & Arbitration

If litigation becomes inevitable, A&K is always ready to step in and defend clients using our trial experience and construction knowledge – whether through mediation, arbitration, or litigation in the courtroom. A&K attorneys work aggressively to resolve disputes that threaten the timely completion of projects or the clients’ objectives:

  • Construction delays
  • Defects and damages
  • Permitting
  • Professional negligence

We understand that construction litigation is often complex, factually intensive, technically robust and requires multi-faceted approaches to resolve.  It should not be left to litigators or generalists unversed in construction.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

We regularly negotiate industry form agreements, including AIA, EJCDC, and ConsensusDocs, and adapt them to address critical issues before they become the client’s problem.  We also craft original contract documents tailored to the practical business needs of specific projects and clients.  Most importantly, our approach to contracts is not one dimensional – our team of insurance lawyers proactively protect clients with specialized provisions, our environmental lawyers ensure critical due diligence, and our real estate lawyers work to secure all necessary property rights to avoid surprise and disruption of the project downstream. Our clients appreciate this practical, layered teamwork, knowing that A&K incorporates contractual safeguards from the start to avoid potentially costly omissions that prevent projects from moving forward.

Project Administration & Closeout Issues

A&K attorneys are known for their efficient handling of all issues related to construction projects. If problems arise, A&K construction attorneys work to resolve them quickly and efficiently. We know where to look for vulnerabilities that can cause construction delays, cost overruns, and other counterproductive issues, and proactively address them to keep projects on track, avoiding costly problems before they occur. When it comes time to close out projects, we are detail-driven to make sure no piece is overlooked.