Anderson & Kreiger works with airports to structure beneficial long-term agreements with aeronautical tenants including fuel consortia, cargo carriers, and fixed base operators at airports nationwide.  We focus on understanding the unique circumstances of each airport and each deal, applying our practical knowledge of FAA and environmental regulatory obligations, and providing insights into industry practices.


Agreements covering fuel distribution at airports require in-depth understanding of environmental issues, capital planning, and federal aviation law. Our participation in negotiations has helped airports secure both large contributions of capital funding by airline consortia and vital long-term protections regarding maintenance and environmental obligations.  We have negotiated agreements with numerous fuel consortia, crafting environmental indemnity provisions for a half dozen large hub airports in the past five years alone, and consulted and resolved disputes regarding many other agreements.


We have advised airports on some of the most significant cargo facility leases in the country.  We combine our FAA-regulatory experience, environmental expertise, and construction and real estate knowledge to guide airports and protect their interests in this rapidly growing area.

Similarly, we have considerable experience resolving issues that arise with fixed base operators (FBO) at airports of all sizes, including issues related to airport minimum standards and grant assurance obligations concerning exclusive use and economic nondiscrimination.